Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great!!!! Dream High Confirmed to Get its Second Season!

I miss u olsss~~


It’s been officially revealed that KBS’s much-loved teen drama ‘Dream High’ will get its second season!

KBS’s representative stated that the plan of the second season has been discussed since the first season ended last month. They also added that the casting has yet to be decided whether they’ll be casting rookie idols like ‘Dream High’ and ‘Jungle Fish’, or going through an audition process. But, they make sure that they will still carry on the original format of the previous season.

Looks like the cast will be all new!

I don’t feel good with the new casting. Because, in my minds the new ones will always never be as good as the first. Mmhh…. I just expect to have a following story from the first season. The casting was pretty good. They all were just adorable even though I had to admit their acting were still green but they had managed to deliver the story points well.

The second season is aiming to release next winter.

Sources:Blogers and TV reports

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